Judith Glenn Nursing Scholarship

Judith Glenn’s nursing career started in 1972 when she entered a nine-month Licensed Vocational Nursing program. Judith immediately fell in love with nursing. After realizing the disparity in pay/duties between a licensed vocational nurse and registered nurse, she decided to enroll in a two-year full-time AD/RN program. Judith worked full-time in the evenings and went to school during the day. During her second year, she received an academic scholarship allowing her to work less, but Judith also needed student loans to complete her education. After completing the AD/RN program and becoming a licensed register nurse, she received many opportunities to live and work anywhere in the country due to license reciprocity. During her career, she resided and worked in four different states and eventually moved to California permanently. Judith married and had a child, but was determined to continue her nursing education. She received a BSN/PHN from the University of Phoenix and an MSN from Chapman University. Judith’s career in nursing was very fulfilling, it has provided financial independence, nurturing fulfillment, leadership opportunities and a multitude of personal development. She retired in 2016, after thirty years of diversified employment at Kaiser Permanente and established this scholarship to help students achieve their dreams of pursuing careers in nursing. – Continuing or Transferring Student

Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you be a 2nd year Nursing student in the upcoming fall and/or spring semesters in the next academic year?